Goodbye Clutter, Hello Freedom Paperback now Available!

Goodbye Clutter, Hello Freedom
Great news! My book, Goodbye Clutter, Hello Freedom: How to create space for Danish Hygge and Lifestyle by cleaning up, organizing and decorating with care is now available in a print version on Amazon. You can find it here.

Danish Hygge is about caring, and when we do not care for our surroundings, clutter begins to spread its way into our lives, and Hygge is no longer a possibility. The good news is that we can deliberately change this situation. When you start caring about your home and your surroundings you will find that you have much more time for fun and Hygge. Once you know what you appreciate, where your stuff is, and can understand the difference between what is good and what is bad for you to own, you will be free to enjoy the life you that you truly deserve. Start now and experience the amazing feeling of freedom that comes from living in a home that reflects the best part of you!

Here are what some readers have had to say about the book:

“This book combines the rudiments of tidying and cluttering techniques with a no-nonsense but friendly “just do it” approach. Bentsen focuses less on the mechanics than on changing your perspective: realizing that to care for yourself, you must care for your space… This book has changed my thinking — and thus my actions and my space — more in a week than all the other “tidying up” books in my universe COMBINED.” – Cynthia

“Since reading this book, everything in our house has a place. We’ve gone through our belongings and decided what had an “expiry date” and donated or threw away a lot of stuff that wasn’t useful anymore. Our house is lovely now, always clean and enjoyable to live in, and we even let friends drop in unannounced without worrying about how the house looks anymore. It’s literally changed our lives.” – Chris

“I have been interested in minimalism for years. Over that time I have read many books and blogs that talk about de-cluttering, So I was amazed that this book actually made me look at what I was doing differently. Many de-cluttering books focus on numbers, this book looks at clutter from a more spiritual angle. I love the fact that the author talks about caring about what we own, and that belongings have an expiry date. That sometimes the time comes when it is right to let go off things. The author talks about why we do not want clutter in our lives and that our homes reflect who we are. Many of the ‘difficult’ to declutter items are mentioned such as books and inherited belongings. This is a book that makes you think.” – Amazon customer

To order your copy now, visit Amazon.

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