Reviews for Goodbye Clutter, Hello Freedom

“I bought this lovely book yesterday, I just finished it this morning and in between reading it I completely decluttered my bedroom and organised it. I was able to get up this morning and instead of searching for something to wear, I knew exactly where everything was, and I started my day in peace. Now for the rest of the house! I am excited to get it done now. I have read many decluttering books, of which I have liked many aspects, but this one spoke to me in a different way. I resonated with the idea of hygge. (My husband has often commented that my favourite word is cosy! ) and when i recently heard of hygge I knew that it was something I long for. Something i have had fleeting moments off but never quite managed to keep hold of it. Lena’s approach to tidying and organising was kind and caring, rather than judgemental. It was simple and logical and to the point and it feels so do-able. I love the concept of closing the circle…wow that idea will change my life. I really see how that is motivational and will help me recognise unfinished tasks much more easily. Working towards a place of peace, tranquillity and hygge is really motivation for me. I believe this will help me change my life once and for all and I recommend it to anyone searching for peace within and outside of themselves. I have learned that to tidy is to care for myself , it is not a punishment. That change in my mindset has brought me peace, and soon it will result in a tidy home.” ~ Amazon UK Customer

“I am just adding in a little update as it has been two weeks since I tidied up properly with the help of this brilliant book. Things are still tidy, and it has been so, so easy and natural for me to keep it that way, and has felt effortless to be honest. It used to be a battle for me, but Lena’s firm but kind words in this book have changed something in me. I haven’t had to do a “tidy up” since as I have been tidying in tiny amounts and being mindful of where i put my things after using them. Instead of feeling like a bad person for not being tidy and feeling undeserving of it, because of reading this book I now feel like i want to be tidy, and I deserve to have a nice environment.The knock on effect means I have not been stressed out looking for something to wear, or late getting to places due to it taking too long to locate things before I left the house. At last I feel like I have changed for good and I will never go back . I recommend this book to you if you want to find that inner peace you long for. It just makes sense, and if it works for me ( a person who has been messy her whole life and I have just turned 40) then It can work for you too. It makes you want to be tidy, not out of shame but because of what you will gain in return, it is so much more than a tidy home, it has given me a tidy mind too. I feel free!” ~ Amazon UK Customer

“I’m sure that everyone could benefit from this book as many of us have too much stuff in our homes that prevents us from living well and having more free time. I like the way that the author explains everything – it makes so much sense and there is a lot of information here that I haven’t found anywhere else. She discusses the different blocks or areas that cause us to acquire guilty clutter such as gifts, inherited things, photographs, hobbies, memories or expensive things, and offers practical advice for sorting out each area. Especially insightful for me was that everything must have a home, a place where it belongs otherwise it will end up being clutter and it must go! Valuable and inspiring read!” ~ Louise, Amazon US

“Goodbye Clutter, Hello Freedom is a wonderfully unique and fresh approach to the ‘how-to” books we all know. Written from the perspective of a Danish native these books carry with them a certain heart and soul that you don’t normally find in a how-to. This book is all about how to de-clutter and organize your life in order to make space for “hygge” as the Danish call it. Hygge is a concept that involves creating warmth, connection and well-being and is often associated with things like relaxing with candles and enjoying a fresh cup of coffee, its that comfy cozy feeling you get when snuggled in blankets on a cold winter day. Long story short, hygge is amazing and something I really feel many people should make time to establish in their life. But back to the book, the book itself is incredibly well organized and easy to read. It offers practical insight and tips for getting your home in order and recognizes that for many of us, it’s simply a matter of learning the right way to clean. Complete with a ten commandments of cleaning this book has it all and is very easy to understand and apply.” ~ Morgyn, Amazon US