Our Surroundings Affect Us

Our Surroundings Affect Us - Danish Hygge
Whether we want to admit it or not, we are affected by our surroundings. The old saying, “clothes make a man” could just as well say, “surroundings make a man.” Our behavior changes according to our surroundings and circumstances. In a museum we walk nicely and quietly. On a picnic it is okay to fool around and get dirty.

When it is already messy in our homes, we give up in advance on putting things in place and might end up simply putting them in whatever pile is nearest. In orderly surroundings, we tend to behave in a more orderly fashion. Continue reading

Finding Freedom for Hygge

Finding Freedom for Hygge
By learning some new techniques for thoroughly cleaning up and prioritizing your time so that you can keep yourself organized every day, you will find that you have much more time for fun and Hygge.

In Denmark, social gatherings with friends almost always take place at home and that’s why we, as a nation, are exceedingly passionate about our homes. Many clutter-heads think that orderly people run around all day, cleaning up. They could not be more wrong. Orderly people have simply realized that clutter steals too much energy. It must, therefore, be kept to a minimum. Continue reading

8 Reasons to Declutter (that you may never have considered)

8 Reasons to Declutter - Danish Hygge
Clutter drains your energy
Clutter drains you of energy so that you do not bother to clean up. We all experience times in life when we do not have the energy to do much more than just care for ourselves. During these times just getting up and making a bit of food is a challenge. Clutter definitely does not make a situation like this better. Quite the contrary. Continue reading

9 Tips to Start Decluttering the Danish Way

declutter hygge Lena Bentsen
Danish Hygge is about caring, and when we do not care for our surroundings, clutter begins to spread its way into our lives, and Hygge is no longer a possibility.

Clutter sneaks up on you quietly, without a sound. Suddenly, it is there and has taken over your life. The goal is to create a home that supports your well-being and is free of clutter – a home ready to help you create the mood of Danish Hygge, and a life with more freedom. Continue reading