Embracing Hygge in the Spring

Danish Hygge is a mood – hard to define, but nice to experience. It is a way of living, a way of decorating, of eating, of thinking, of organizing, being social, and so much more. Hygge isn’t just for winter! Keep the cozy going with these 7 spring hygge ideas.


Pick some spring flowers and place them around the house or add them to your table setting. Nothing says springtime like a fresh vase of flowers.
spring hygge flowers


Baking can be relaxing and what’s more, you can invite some friends over later to sit in the garden and share your treats with a cup of tea. The delicious smell wafting through your home will instantly feel cozy and inviting.
spring hygge baking

Get Outdoors

Enjoy the warming weather, the sunshine, and the fresh air. Go for a walk in nature or ride a bicycle with friends. You could explore a new area and enjoy the scenery. Maybe stop in to a coffee shop and enjoy a treat.
spring hygge bicycle

Curl up with a Good Book

Reading outside provides fresh air as well as hygge. Hang up a hammock or lay out some blankets and pillows under the trees. Get your favorite drink and enjoy!
spring hygge hammock

Eat Outside

Whether you go for a simple picnic in the park, or move your dining area outside, eating outdoors with friends or family is a fun way to celebrate spring hygge. When the weather is suddenly behaving well, nothing should stop you from calling some friends and saying: “If you do not have any other plans for tonight, please come to our place and enjoy the evening with us.”
spring hygge outside

Candles and Fairy Lights

Always use candles. Tea lights can be put in small glasses to protect them from the wind outside. Fairy lights can also have a comforting effect. Not only do they look pretty, they also create a relaxing atmosphere in the house or garden.
spring hygge fairy lights

Clean Up

Clutter kills hygge. If you want to create space for hygge, then clean up. By cleaning up, you take care of your surroundings and yourself.
spring hygge declutter

2 thoughts on “Embracing Hygge in the Spring

  1. I just read your book about decluttering. I ve been decluttering for two years now still downsizing from just over zealous thrift store shopping. Lol. I like that you say to ask an item where it wants to live. I have to try this as I have been known to ask the room or the house what it wants from me. As I was reading I came to the realization that I’ve been hanging on to a few precious things ( a vintage chair, a set of dishes, and an area rug ) that are all tied to a past that I need to let go of. One more thing; how do you pronounce “Hygge”?

    1. Hi Lorna Erickson
      I know it is a long time ago since you wrote to me. I am so happy that you liked my book ‘Goodbye clutter – Hello Freedom’, and I hope you have had a nice journey throughout your home and life by talking with everything on your way. Maybe you would like to read my book ‘Enjoy your wardrobe’ as well. You will find it at Amazon.
      You are asking how to pronounce ‘Hygge’. A course: We start with ‘hy’. Put your mouth in position to whistle and blow as silent as possible. Then you ad ‘ge’ with the ‘g’ more like a ‘k’. Hyyyke.
      And some news… Just right now I’m so close to launch a membership site on Facebook only for dedicated Hygger’s ‘Danish Hygge Living’. A place where you will step into my life in Denmark and learn all about how you can do the Danish Hygge by your self by following me and my life with Hygge all throughout the year. Hygge is much more than a candle, a rug, and a mug. It is a lifestyle. I will let you know when it is in the air.
      All the best from
      Lena Bentsen

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